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three month update [May. 19th, 2016|02:20 pm]
[music |country/western]

Quarterly report from the soap opera that is my life....

So, I'm still juggling a very part time practice, and a job search, with family and social life. Not much has changed on the surface.
But... a couple of things HAVE changed, for the better. I've become a runner.
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(My mental and physical health have both improved greatly, just by running 25-35 min, 3x a week).

I've also started dating someone locally, who happens to be called Wendy!
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I've been slowly developing a romance with a firefighter (swoon). Scheduling has been a major issue; we're both interested but there are two spouses, three teenagers, four jobs, and 75km between us, so it may be a "twice a year when he's at Fire College" type thing. He's a complete sweetheart and wonderful to spend time with, and the feeling is apparently mutual; I'm sure we'll be fine with whatever we work out.

Obligatory job hunt update
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AN vibes welcomed -- for motivation to get those apps in and networking calls done, as much as for the apps themselves! There has been a lot of low level activity in other areas of my work, and of my life, so sometimes something gets lost between I want to apply and I have applied :( :(

Oh, and I'm in a country music phase again. It started with some Johnny Cash while running one day, then was spurred on by a weeklong trip to Alberta. I'm a big Tim McGraw fan now.
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Wow, long time no type [Feb. 2nd, 2016|02:06 pm]
[mood |pensivepensive]

Hmm, hadn't realised it's been over two years since I wrote anything here. LJ used to be my daily online-friends fix, then a handy record, and then... I don't think it's a coincidence that I got a smartphone two years ago. I never got set up to write or check LJ regularly.

Some elements of my life are very similar to two years ago
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Some elements are very different.
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Overall I'm frustrated at some things (notably professional issues) and pleased with others (relationships with family and friends), and so it's same old, same old in the grand scheme of things, I guess!
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2013 meme [Dec. 27th, 2013|01:54 am]
[Tags|, ]

nicked from @buzzy_bee
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Brownie meetings FTR [Nov. 5th, 2013|12:53 am]
We started The Key to Me tonight.
The girls did some drawings and colouring and fill in the blank answers on a double sided sheet (side one - draw pic of family, label if wanted; side two - colour in cartoon of Girl Guide, fill in blank answers about colour/type of hair, interest and what they want to do in the future). Learned a new action song from Trinidad and Tobago (I let her go-go-go) done in a double circle where the inner circle moves clockwise and the outer circle moves counter-clockwise after each verse. Kids learned about one famous Canadian woman in their circle, and then each circle acted out a little skit or tableau to demonstrate key facts about that person. Lucy Maud Montgomery, Joannie Rochette, Clara Hughes, Alice Munro, Roberta Bondar. I also had a race car driver (Kelly Williams) and a pilot (Eileen Vollick) lined up in case the Guiders had an opportunity to do a demonstration.

We are off to Fort York this weekend (Saturday-Sunday) for a 24 hour immersion into the Life of a Soldier. We bring our own packed lunches, the Fort provides dinner, snack, breakfast and a bunch of activities from 10am to 8pm, and maybe a final session in the morning. Should be interesting to see how it goes with just one unit. (We often do sleepovers and camps with other units but we're flying solo this time.)

Next week we're doing a combined meeting with the Sparks (youngest branch, Kindergarten & grade 1 girls).
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(no subject) [Aug. 12th, 2012|01:34 pm]
[Current Location |Toronto, Crossovers St, ]

Testing out posts via my tablet. I suspect it would work better if I had an actual stand instead of balancing Stone (the tablet, ha ha) on my lap while sprawled on the couch. Anyway an update
We are having the busy but fun summer we anticipated.  the girls have been the busiest, with trips to Quebec w my parents, Chicago w us to meet up w MIL, girl guide camp w me, then a 4 day week at day camp. I have been taking advantage of the benefits of a part time schedule and the flexibility of my part time practice. have only needed to take half the vacation days in my contract to have nearly three weeks away from home -- six nights for Chicago,six nights for camp, six nights camping the week after next.


the big news for me personal l y is that we are starting to discuss our air itinerary which will set the framework for our Big Trip. I think we may need to cut out a few things t immanent initially but we should be able to do,all,of,our must-see things - Machu picu  in Peru, Igzazu Falls in Brazil, safari and beach in Africa w my dad, Sydney and Uluru in Australia. NZ  is on the nice to do list but may get bumped due to weather and finances. We have added Kuala Lumpur or Singapore to our nice to do list since we would need to change planes there between Africa and Aus anyway, and we want something with which to compare when we go to Hong Kong later.
Istanbul is currently on the itinerary because of flight schedules, I would like very much to keep that in the mix partly because it seems like such a fascinating place , and we could add Europe to the itinerary :-)
Professionally things are up in the air, but there is a reasonable possibility that i will have my part time clinic job extended indefinitely iow, made permanent. I will either negotiate  an unpaid leave (common in legal aid) or quit prior to our trip. DH is planning on going to 4 days/ week if I am working at the clinic in the lead up to our trip, then he will take an unpaid leave from work as well. Though he may end up working in Australia anyway as he has multiple clients and contacts there.


My grandma turned 104yo last month, and is still in good enough health to remain on the retirement home side of the facility, not the nursing home side. Still beats us all at Scrabble even if she can't remember our names. Still goes out to restaurants for lunch on occasion too--


That is all the news fit to print from the Warner household... signing off now.

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Writer's Block: Black Friday [Nov. 25th, 2011|10:25 am]

What's the last thing you bought?

Hmm, last night, I bought a basic set of stacking cups (neon pink) from http://www.speedstacks.com for C&J. We wouldn't normally have bought such a thing but they've been enjoying them immensely at school, they're not *that* expensive, and the group order means free shipping to the school plus, hopefully, a bonus teaching set for the gym teacher to continue using! Plus, it's bday&Xmas gift buying season around here.

That's my most recent direct purchase. An hour or so later, DH used my credit card with my permission to buy his bday gift from Steam -- three games which were on 75% pre-BF discount. I figured that he'd find out the next time he logged in, that I'd bought them - since they had to be purchased through Stream - and so it was just much easier to tell him to use the tablet in front of him already logged into Stream and to toss him the credit card. (We have new numbers, otherwise he'd have been able to buy it w/o the card itself; we shared a number for 12 yrs and had all the info memorized.)

My DH isn't on LJ but he would answer: groceries (specifically milk, yogurt, pasta, bread, tomato sauce & frozen dinners. The latter were a last minute addition for his WOH days. The rest was needed for bfast & lunch. He got up at 7:15, used his bike, and was back before 8 ;))

I suspect my next purchase will be as or less exciting as DH's purchases - a refill on daily prescription. That reminds me, I need to call in the refill!
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Writer's Block: When the moon hits the sky... [Oct. 5th, 2011|11:22 am]

Describe your perfect pizza.

My perfect pizza is probably a slice of pesto with tomato, spinach and grilled chicken. Super thin crust, hot from a brick oven. (But not burnt taste on the bottom - browning is fine, a hint of smokiness is nice, but *no* actually burnt parts. That's important!)
Cheese must be soft and stretchy, without pools of oil on top -- either a mozza/other white cheese blend, or mozza with a hit of feta.
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FTR doll bunk beds [Jan. 12th, 2011|09:53 am]
NNIH am I letting C&J save all their allowance for 7 months just to buy a name brand bunk bed, not when it's $120+ tax. !!
So I'm jotting down some URLs for other options:

(free shipping, but $5 customs fee - girls like armoire/bunk combo if curtain is removable - need to ship to FIL)

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FTR European flight info [Jan. 11th, 2011|03:01 pm]
LOL at listings like Europe: London,Glasgow,Rome. Ireland: Dublin
Has Ireland broken away from the continent? :-)

Best rates I could find: Delta, KLM, BA, Thomas Cook, depending on dates Dep Mar 10 gets cheaper fares than Mar 11

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Milestone [Apr. 12th, 2010|10:45 am]
Started reading Anne of Green Gables to C&J last night. I was just going to read the first chapter but they were interested enough to want a second. I got more than half-way through that too :-)

I know the musical well enough that I can illustrate some of the points in the book by singing them -- which helps keep their interest. They're also keen on visiting Prince Edward Island now, I think.
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